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原型樂園Prototype Paradise and 臺南藝術節 Tainan Arts Festival

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It’s been a busy week in Tainan. We have been working closely with long term friends at Prototype Paradise, and new friends at Tainan Arts Festival to pull off a bigger and better version of the Compelling Telling, Intervening in Public Places.

Compelling Telling Takes Off

This version of Compelling Telling, Intervening in Public Places took place over four intensive days, curated by Yu-ying Kung, Yu-chun “Blu” Chen and Alice Fleming, with a group of fifteen artists from around Tainan and Taiwan.

The group playfully, provocatively looked at social-specific participatory performances, fed by the basics from social acupuncture. Examining innovative ways for artists to engage and interact with the public.

Walking the walk, talking the talk.

Putting the the theory and the case studies to work the group started by meeting the locals in the park, and the business owners in the surrounding streets. Then everyone was ready to playful engage with the real real world!

Artist Meng-yu吳孟渝 hard at work with a Tianan local performer.

Collaborations were made with basket weavers, bun makers, temples, towel shops, and cookie makers. Performances showed off the bustling and vibrancy of Tainan, the locals and the workshop artists curiosity, flexibility, and creativity.

The final performance of Compelling Telling