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Fighting with Teachers, When Art Meets Pedagogy

By May 28, 2018 No Comments

Pascal and Eeska pose for the glam cam during post-talk dinner. Photo: Andrea Guethner.

Wednesday 17th of May, Berlin
Hosted by Lab.Bode at the Bode Museum, Berlin. An Initiative of Starkung der Vermittlungsarbeit in Museen

Collaborating with the school system to make challenging art for an adult audience is not an easy job. I have been doing this over twelve years and have gotten into many fights with teachers, principals, and head teachers and have made many strong allies amongst the students. For this talk, I was joined by Pascal Ulrich and Eeske Hahn two young people from the Mit Ohne Alles, the German collective that was spun out of my collaboration with the Ruhrtriennale Festival and, together, we shared the good times we’ve had while fighting with teachers. And good times playing without Teachers, too.