If these Tottenham streets could talk

By April 15, 2019 No Comments

Across the choppy waters, the Tottenham upLIFTers continue their five year adventure with the London International Festival of Theatre. Their fourth year focused on the fine details of event production, led by the LIFT team, wrapped around devising a new performance by Imwen Eke.

Imwen Eke is not all fun and games

The upLIFTers learning focuses on creating an immersive game, concept and direction by Imwen Eke. Imwen has been with the upLIFTers since before day one. She is introducing us all to the whole new magical world of VR, AR, and gaming!

We walked and we talked

As part of devising the game we walked the streets of Tottenham scouting for stories and inspiration. It was a day full of lots of new insights and stories on Tottenham. Some of which will feed into the game we are making.

The prototype game will be tested in August 2019 throughout Tottenham by LIFT