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Mark Stickerberg

By April 12, 2020 No Comments

Since we’re all stuck inside and relying on a steady stream of privacy-invading stinking digital dogshit to keep us all connected and sane, Darren has teamed up with visual artist Matt Evans and social media strategist Virginia Antonipillai to create a series of Mark Zuckerberg-themed stickers.

The project, Mark Stickerberg, is intended for use on various Facebook platforms including Messenger, Whatsapp and Facebook itself, with all stickers inspired by images of the Zuck testifying to the US Congress, the UK Parliament and the EU Parliament.

Of course, Mark hasn’t yet agreed to include this cool new sticker pack as part of the Messenger sticker suite. That’s where you come in. Please let Mark know that you think the stickers are super fucking dope and that any version of any of his revolutionary social media platforms without these beauties is a crime against sanity, if not humanity. It’s lunacy!

You can do that by emailing Facebook here: stickers@fb.com and signing the petition here. Just tell them that you’re voting Mark Stickerberg in 2020!

A set of free Mark Stickerbergs is downloadable here! Feel free to share widely, and use unwisely!